Cylinder Head Specialists Services

Cylinder Head Specialists is proud of its workshop facility with its state of the art machining facilities and technical expertise. We can offer a simple cylinder head reconditioning service through to building and modifying serious race cylinder heads or even total engine building. We pride ourselves in keeping up with technology, the latest being computer controlled machinery.

  • Chemically Cleaning
  • Magnaflux Crack Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Valve Guide Reconditioning
  • Valve & Seat Machining
  • Flow Testing
  • Valve Spring Testing
  • Porting
  • CCing
  • Computerised Engine Dyno
  • Engine R & D Programs
  • Tig Welding
Dyno - Click to Enlarge
Superflow SF300E
  • Technodue Surface Grinder
  • K Lineguide Tooling - all sizes
  • Kwikway Valve Machine
  • Serdi Head Shop
  • Electronic Digital Spring Tester
  • Super Flow Flowbench up to 48"
  • Computer controlled Dynamic Test System Engine Dyno
  • Milliar Tig
  • 100 PSI Pressure Tester
  • Crack Tester

So join the winners circle and give us a call with your requirements.

Serdi Milleniem 3.0