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Holden 308 - New HP Series of High Performance Cylinder Heads.
Cylinder Head Specialists in Christchurch has developed a true high performance 308 Holden Cylinder Head suitable for fast street strip type application. Suitable for unleaded fuels these heads are original castings that have been extensively modified as follows:
  • All heads are chemically cleaned and magnaflux crack tested
  • 16 new Bronze Guide Liners are fitted
  • Hardened ex seats are fitted
  • Larger inlet valves are fitted
  • Ports are modified to suit
  • Chambers are modified and polished
  • Valves are new tuffrided steal ex with new Manley Race Master stainless inlet valves assembled with new seals and high performance springs.
These heads have gone through hundreds of hours of flow bench and dyno time and flow more air than B Casting L34 and late model VN on high port castings.
Priced at NZ$$1595.00 + GST Complete. e-mail or Contact Us for further information.

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Serious Fuel Lines for D/P Holleys
Cylinder Head Specialists manufacture a race quality fuel line set up for double pumper Holleys. Machined from alloy bar with big 5/8 ID size. Quality alloy screw in fittings, has provision for fuel bypass and fuel pressure gauge with all red and blue anodized fittings suitable for alcohol or petrol.

We have found that with the big capacity of fuel this line holds it stabilized fuel pressure better, giving a more tuneable fuel curve and more even fuel flow to the needle and seats allowing consistent fuel bowl levels, resulting in more power.

Available from Cylinder Head Specialists, Telephone 03 366-1729, e-mail us or Contact Us.

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Rocker Covers

Cylinder Head Specialist's signature series valve covers for SB Chev's. Sturdy cast alloy available polished or matt, with dual breathers on one side or no breathers at all. These come with our logo engraved into them and are extra thick around bolt holes to eliminate messy and dangerous leaks. e-mail or Contact Us to find more out about these Rocker Covers.

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