Cylinder Head Specialists About Us
Cylinder Head Specialists was originally started by Dave Rosewarne in 1981. It started out as a small cylinder head reconditioning shop with an interest in motor sport. However, over the years it has developed into a Hi-Tech engine development facility still concentrating on cylinder head technology but with a wide variety of engine related race components.

Dave's involvement in motor sport has been hydroplane racing - New Zealand Champ and South Island Champ, Hill Climbing, Asphalt Road Racing, Marathon Boat Racing, Drag Racing and currently Sprint Car and Modified Racing. Staff involvement is also Speedway, Boat, Karting, Rally and Drag Racing.

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We can offer expertise for a wide variety of motor sport activities. We have prided ourselves in keeping up with technology, with a Computer Controlled Dyno, Flow Bench Technology and the most up-to-date machining facilities.

When we're not busy with customers work we run some very in-depth research and development ( R&D ) programs. We believe in quality not quantity. Results at motor sport of all levels show our commitment to quality and our ability to tackle different types of projects from multi-valve motorcycles to blown and turbocharged big block chevs and everything imaginable in between. Have a browse through our photo gallery for a small sample of our involvement in motor racing.